Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own domain?

You are also able to connect a domain you already own 

How long will you take to design & develop a website?

Since a website undergoes two different phases before it is ready to go live, it may take anywhere between 5 to 30 days to design and develop a complete website from scratch. However, the number of days is entirely dependent on the complexity of your project and the number of revisions you require. "For the business pages (4-5pages), it only takes 3-4 working days if your document was ready on time."

How costly is the entire website project?

The cost of the website depends on its structure and business type. You can see all our pricing packages here. Website Packages

When will I get the copyrights of my new website?

Once we deliver the complete website to you, you will get complete copyrights to your site.

Do you offer content writing services for the website?

Yes, we do! Our creative content writing team will write suitable content that best fits your business niche and industry. However, if you have any specific content that you would like added on your website, you are welcome to provide us with that too.

What is web hosting?

It is a unique domain name where your website is hosted. It allows online access to your website 24/7 and is typically done on ASP or PHP.

Does the agreed price include a mobile website?

Yes, it includes a mobile website. All websites are inclusive of a mobile version because having a mobile website is essential in today's society.

Did you provide online food delivery service?

We can provide online reservation and online ordering services for restaurants, using the ForwardKitchen platform. We will also offer a free tablet and there will be no percentage charge for the food delivery service.

Can I see my website project in progress?

Yes, you can. We provide you with a username and password via which you can access the website mainframe and see the progress. You can also give us your feedback and suggestions while your website is in the design phase.

Can I make changes to the final website without additional cost?

During the website design phase, our designers will offer you multiple templates to choose from. Once you have selected a specific theme, only then will we make revisions as per your requirements when the website is under construction.

Can Website168 help me update my old website?

No! -Outdated Technology: - Design Limitations: - Performance and Speed: - Security Vulnerabilities: - Limited Scalability: - Cost-Effectiveness: Sometimes, the cost of updating an old website can be comparable to or even exceed the cost of building a new website from scratch.

Do I own my website?

Yes! Once your website is complete, you will be given complete ownership of your website.

What are some benefits of having a website?

In a world where the internet is ruling businesses, and we are surrounded by technology, not having a website sounds irrational. A website will not only help in supporting your business by giving you a strong presence online but will also establish your brand identity in the masses.

In general, how much is the deposit?

For design or development projects, the deposit is typically 50% of the total cost. In the case of promotional projects, the deposit is equal to the total cost of the first month.

Can I get a refund if I've paid a deposit?

No, it's not possible unless both parties agree. In the early stages of a project, there are costs associated with manpower for preparation and planning. Designing something is a subjective process, and if by any chance you're unsatisfied with our design, we can make improvements through communication. However, once the deposit is received, it is generally non-refundable.